The Age of Petroleum

We’re in a time like no other.  We’re about to go into a rough patch for the human race.  This website seems like a good place for me to explain how I think our world works.  My views have some practical implications, which I’ll explore.  You may or may not agree, but I’d like it if you read what’s here and thought.

I like to think about the bigger picture.  My timescales are often geologic.  Hey, what do you expect from an evolutionary biologist?  We’ve had big effects on life on this planet ever since our genus, Homo, appeared 1.8 million years ago.  The effects got bigger when we started to scratch the ground 10,000-12,000 years ago.  When we started to burn fossil fuels 250 years ago, things really started to change.  Then in about 1859, we started to use oil, petroleum, for fuel.  Everything we think of as the modern world is result of the Age of Petroleum, including technology, huge populations, and climate change.  We’re at the zenith of that age.  We’re entering the time of expensive, hard to obtain oil.  That will affect everything.  Wouldn’t you prefer to understand and adjust?

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